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Marshfield Primary School Governing Body support staff to ensure that a very good quality education is provided for all pupils. The enthusiastic team is dedicated in providing challenge so that  high educational standards are  achieved and maintained in all aspects of pupils' work.

The Governing body is drawn from staff, parents , community and Newport LEA and works hard to provide strategic leadership and accountability.


John Tobutt (Chair of Governors)


Lisa Lewis

Community Gov apptd by GB/Cymunedol, penodwyd gan BLI

Suzanne Evans (Vice Chair)

Cath Batten

Rev Rafael De Lima

Teresa Morris

LA Appointed/Penodwyd gan yr ALI

Cllr Allan Screen

Brian Miles

Cllr Rhian Howells

John Tobutt (Chair)

Parent Representative/Cynrychiolydd Rhiant

Louise Sillince

Maria Goddard

Shane Hyland

Sian Hoskins

James Wilmott

Staff Representative/Cynrychiolydd Staff

Sarah Cresswell

Teacher Representative/Cynrychiolydd Athrawon

Laura Lane

Claire Lawrence

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